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FREDDIE BROWN-Country Music Artist

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Freddie Brown was born in Austin, Texas. He was raised up in two small central Texas towns of Lometa and Goldthwaite. Freddie's late mother Oma Cole had raised her children, Freddie, Joan, and Pat as a single parent. Freddie being the youngest and the only boy. Oma had first noticed Freddie's singing talent at The First Baptist Church in Lometa, where Freddie would sing with the choir on Sundays. Freddie would make believe an old broom was his guitar and pretend that he was Elvis Presley which Oma would get a kick out of. Oma decided to buy Freddie a Sears Truetone guitar when Freddie was thirteen. She bought the guitar from tips she had received while working as a waitress at Horn's Cafe in Lometa. Freddie tried playing the guitar, but got frustrated and put the guitar away in his closet for about six months. Freddie then met two friends who had guitars while he was attending school in Lometa. One friend was John Sanderson from Star, Texas and the other was Charles Stone from Lometa,Texas. Freddie, John. and Charles would practice playing guitars together and took some guitar lessons at a small music store in Lampasas,Texas. The three boys would go to an old closed down schoolhouse on weekends in Star,Texas and practice on a stage in the school's gym. They would have fun practicing and pretending they had a live audience. One Saturday night while they were practicing at the schoolhouse a boy by the name of Charlie Hopper from Goldthwaite, Texas stopped in to listen. He had heard the music coming from the old schoolhouse as he was cruising in his car. He asked Freddie if he would join his band by the name of "The Ultimate Expression" as a singer and a guitarist. Freddie told Charlie that he would join his band only if John and Charles could be in the band also. Charlie accepted the offer and from then on Freddie's life changed. Charlie's mother. Mrs. Hopper booked the band at private clubs and parties all over Texas. Later, the band members decided to move in different directions. Freddie attended the University Of Texas in Austin, Texas while perfecting his craft in the venues there. He then later relocated to Los Angeles, California where he was a featured artist at the Palomino, the D.J. Ranch, J.Rs, and on Paul Bowman's radio show at Ribs Etc., and many other venues. Freddie has had the privilege of meeting and performing with some of the world's best talent which includes Charlie Hopper, John Sanderson, Charles Stone, Bill Monroe, Johnny Lee, Jay Dee Mathis, Cliffe Stone, Roger Miller, Glen Campbell, Bruce Willis, Carl Wilson, Grant Boatwright, Paul Porceddu, Marie Brown, The Tennessee Thunder Band, Dennis Gulley And The Nightshift Band, Duncan Houston, and so many more of his talented musician friends here in Nashville, Tennessee. Freddie formed his group"Freddie Brown And Night Crow" in 1994, and as the leader of that group he sang lead vocal and harmonies, played harmonica, piano, and also played acoustic and lead guitars. Freddie writes all of his material, and records and produces his songs on his Independent Wheatfield Record label. Freddie is now performing his single act in Branson, MO. and Nashville, TN. Freddie wants all of his friends to know that he appreciates all there support through these years. Freddie states that music is a universal language that touches the hearts and lives of all our brothers and sisters in this world. God bless you! To book Freddie Brown please contact Freddie Brown Productions @ Also PLEASE check Freddie's cds out at

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I am an independent artist who promotes myself. The money that you donate will go to furthering my music career such as recording time in studios and all other aspects needed to further my career in music. It's a rough road for an independent musician like myself and I will greatly appreciate all the financial aid you can give me. If you have any questions, you can email me at Thanks so much for your kind donation and God Bless. Sincerely, Freddie Brown

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